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Building America
This Web site provides information on the systems engineering approach to home building and the program's projects throughout the country that utilize the approach.

Building Energy Codes
This Web site features information on national building energy codes and standards, including the technical assistance available to states in this area.

Building Energy Software Tools
This Web site describes energy-related software tools—from research grade to commercial products—for buildings with an emphasis on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Building Technologies Program
The BTS Web site provides information on building technology and programs for homeowners, commercial building owners and operators, builders and designers, researchers, and public officials.

Codes and Standards
This Web site features information on appliances and commercial equipment standards, and building energy codes and products, all of which help reduce energy costs.

Consumer Energy Information
This Web site provides consumers with information on how they can incorporate energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies into their homes, businesses, schools, and transportation.

CT Energy Info Calendar
Listings of Energy-related Events

Desiccant Cooling and Dehumidification Program
This Web site provides an introduction to desiccant cooling and information on the technology's latest developments.

DOE Insulation Fact Sheet
This fact sheet offers helpful advice on insulating a house, whether existing or about to be built.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (EREC) Fact Sheets
The Consumer Energy Information Web site features these fact sheets, which explain in user-friendly terms the practical use of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Energy Savers
This Web site features practical solutions for saving energy throughout a home, from the insulating system that surrounds it to the appliances and lights inside.

Energy Savers Partnership Program
The Web site provides companies and organizations with information on how they can benefit from joining this award-winning public awareness campaign promoting energy efficiency at home.

Energy Star®
This site provides energy-efficiency ratings for household appliances and electronics, heating and cooling equipment, windows and lighting, as well as rating the efficiency of new homes and buildings.

The Web site provides an online database of projects and initiatives that promote energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies throughout the country.

EnergySmart Schools
This Web site shows how schools can use energy wisely, making more money available for teaching and learning.

Federal Energy Management Program
The FEMP Web site provides information on the services and resources available to U.S. government agencies that want to reduce their energy and water use.

High Performance Building
This Web site profiles buildings that have minimal impact on the environment through the use of energy efficiency measures, renewable energy technology, and sustainable materials.

High Performance Zion Visitor Center
The Zion National Park Visitor Center is one of the U.S. National Park Service's most energy efficient complexes. This site explores the center through 360-degree panoramas that show each energy-saving measure along with the scenic beauty of Zion.

High-Performance Commercial Buildings Roadmap
This technology roadmap outlines a plan to integrate research, development, and deployment for the next generation of commercial buildings. The site spotlights a model building in Manhattan and provides a listing of upcoming events.

Home Energy Saver
This online tool helps consumers calculate the energy use in their homes and identify the best ways to save energy.

House of Straw: Straw Bale Construction Comes of Age
The Web site provides information on this affordable, energy-efficient construction technique with an emphasis on using materials produced near the building site and local labor resources.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Building Simulation Research
This Web site features information on the building energy simulation software developed at LBNL.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Energy Analysis
This site provides analysis of energy-related issues including building and industrial energy, transportation, and electricity restructuring.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Heat Island Group
This Web site explains the "heat island" effect in urban areas and possible solutions, focusing on the development of more reflective surfaces for roadways and buildings.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lighting Research Group
This Web site provides information on LBNL's research and development in energy-efficient lighting.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Thermal Energy Distribution
This Web site features LBNL's research into more energy-efficient ways to distribute heating and cooling throughout a house.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Windows and Daylighting Research
This Web site provides information on the latest research and available energy-efficient windows and daylighting products.

Leaking Electricity Home Page
This Web site presents information on standby power and on the technologies designed to reduce it.

Million Solar Roofs
This Web site provides information on an initiative to install solar systems on one million rooftops by 2010.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The NREL Web site includes information on renewable energy and energy efficiency research, development, and deployment, as well as news, publications, photos, and much more.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Clean Energy Basics
This Web site explains the basics of renewable energy technologies, as well as the importance of energy efficiency. It includes specific information for homeowners, small business owners, inventors, students, teachers, and electricity providers.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory High-Performance Buildings Research
This Web site highlights research using whole-building design methods and computer programs that integrate energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Publications Database
This bibliographic database includes technical reports, fact sheets, brochures, videos, books, journal articles, conference papers, patents, and exhibits developed by NREL.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Buildings Technology Center
This Web site presents ORNL's research and development of technologies that improve the energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of residential and commercial buildings.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program
This Web site features ORNL's research and development of technology that makes buildings, industries, power generation, and transportation more energy efficient and easier on the environment.

Partnerships for Affordable Housing
The Web site provides an overview of this program, which works to make residential dwellings more affordable through energy efficiency improvements.

Photographic Information eXchange (PIX)
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory maintains this online collection of several thousand photos related to renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Radiance Synthetic Imaging System
The Web site provides information on and the opportunity to download this UNIX freeware for lighting design and rendering.

Rebuild America
This Web site features a network of partnerships helping communities to become more environmentally and economically sound through smarter energy use in buildings.

Rebuild America Financial Services
This Web site provides local partnerships with information on financing options for developing and implementing energy efficiency building projects.

RSPEC: Reduce Swimming Pool Energy Costs
This Web site assists owners and operators of swimming pools in their efforts to reduce energy costs.

Scenarios for a Clean Energy Future
This document, produced by five national laboratories, examines the potential for public policies and programs to foster efficient and clean energy technology solutions.

Small Business Tips
This Web site encourages and assists small businesses in choosing appropriate energy-efficient measures to save in energy costs.

Smart Communities Network
This Web site shows how a community can adopt sustainable development as a strategy for well-being. It includes technical and financial resources.

Solar Buildings
This Web site features information on available solar building technologies, as well as those being researched and developed.

State Energy Program
The SEP Web site gives an overview of its efforts to strengthen the capabilities of states in promoting and adopting energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and practices.

Technology Access Program
This program promotes exports of RE and EE products and technologies worldwide. The site includes information about the organization, its products and services, and its customers.

Technology Opportunities to Reduce U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Web site provides a PDF of this publication, which presents a survey of technology pathways and estimates their potential contributions to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Weatherization & Intergovernmental Program
This program provides consumers and decision makers with information on cost, performance, and financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Weatherization Assistance Program
The Web site features information on this program, which delivers energy conservation services to low-income Americans.

The U.S. Green Building Council

U.S. DOE Smart Communities Network

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