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About Us

Smart fostering education in the building community and beyond
CTGBC Emerging Professionals is committed to promoting education about sustainability. In addition to providing our members with resources and continuing education opportunities, CTGBC Emerging Professionals also strives to share knowledge in our local communities and schools.

LEED® Resources and Training
Networking Opportunities
Continuing Education Programs
Building Tours
Community Education & Outreach

Innovative the integration of knowledge and skills into everyday practice
From future participation in local events to blogging about the latest technologies, Connecticut Emerging Green Builders provides many resources for young professionals interested in sustainability. CTGBC Emerging Professionals will go above and beyond to create a forward-thinking and proactive dynamic for its membership.

Energy the convergence of many individuals with a mutual goal to further a social and cultural movement.
CTGBC Emerging Professionals Members have access to a vast network of peers locally and nationally. Connecticut Emerging Professionals is always developing new and exciting events and activities to keep members engaged. With a collaborative spirit, CTGBC Emerging Professionals works with other non-profit organizations to enhance the community. EGB effectively uses social networking and new media to communicate this information.

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