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Benefits of Green Schools

  • Improved Student performance
  • Healthier and more comfortable indoor environmental quality
  • Lower operating costs & increased durability
  • Reduced liability exposure
  • Enhanced staff satisfaction
  • Lower water use and lower sewage disposal costs
  • Safer more secure buildings
  • A building that teaches
  • Lower environmental impacts

These benefits are compelling for both students and taxpayers. Several studies have shown that properly designed high performance schools, especially ones that aggressively use natural day light, improve learning and test scores. The Heschong Mahone Group has done a series of studies on this subject and these reports are available for download at

Other demonstrated benefits include increased average attendance rates, increased staff satisfaction. High performance schools can be hands-on laboratory for ecological design and operation, helping to develop tomorrow leaders.

High Performance schools save taxpayers money.

On average, operating costs are 30% lower while the school's increased durability lowers maintenance expense and future renovation costs. Decreased water use and lower sewage disposable needs not only save money, but also may prolong the life of the municipal water and sewage systems. High performance schools have superior indoor environmental air quality and decreased toxins. This helps avoid potential future liability from sick building syndrome.

While High Performance schools lower the school's environmental impact through thoughtful design and smart building practices, the benefits to the students and the significant payback to the taxpayers are the compelling reasons all schools in Connecticut should be built green.

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